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The COOL~WAVE™ and Microfridge® models have been designed for the academic student living environment. We offer several different models that will ensure the maximum efficiency in use. All of our combination units are equipped with UL approved Safety devices to prevent a power overload resulting from the simultaneous use of a microwave and a refrigerator. We hire students LOCALLY for our 24 Hour Service and Delivery Guarantee, we believe in giving back and helping students reach their goals.

The COOL~WAVE™ and Microfridge® models are uniquely designed with a true Sub-Zero freezer, not available on one door models you typically find at warehouse stores. This allows students to store frozen foods and being a true Sub-Zero freezer, the food will stay frozen. Given the fact that most students will move to On-Campus Apartments the second year with a full kitchen, renting is a great option.

ALL Purchased units come with a 3 year warranty Full Replacement, and Free Pick-Up and Re-Delivery.

The price below includes Free Delivery before you arrive and Free Pick-Up after you are done, the unit will Be Chillin in your room before you arrive if ordered before the deadline above. Think of all the room you will save in your car with out a Heavy appliance taking up valuable room for your computer or clothes. ORDER ONLINE AND HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN FREE BOOKS FOR A SEMESTER.